VPRC compiles many resources to do our work, make policy recommendations, and to educate families:

Minor Guardianship

Minor guardianship through the probate court has long provided an avenue for families to “take care of their own”. Through the minor guardianship procedure in probate court families are able to enter into voluntary arrangements for the care of minor children without state intervention. When the arrangement is consensual, i.e. the agreement and its implications are understood and agreed to by parents and the proposed guardian, the process works well. Read more here.


CHINS means CHildren In Need of Care or Supervision. Being involved in a child abuse and neglect case can be very confusing and stressful for a family. Not knowing what to expect can make it even harder.

Kinship Care Resources

Kinship care is the raising of children by grandparents, great-grandparents, other relatives, or close family friends because the biological parents are unwilling or unable to do so. Legal custody of a child may or may not be involved, and the child may be related by blood, marriage or adoption. There are many resources available in Vermont for kinship families. Learn more here.

Parental Resilience and Parenting Tips

Parents who can cope with the stresses of everyday life, as well an occasional crisis, have resilience; they have the flexibility and inner strength necessary to bounce back when things are not going well. Multiple life stressors, such as a family history of abuse or neglect, health problems, marital conflict, or domestic or community violence—and financial stressors such as unemployment, poverty, and homelessness—may reduce a parent’s capacity to cope effectively with the typical day-to-day stresses of raising children. Learn more here.