Rapid Intervention Prenatal Program

RIPP Vision: Parents and children will thrive when treatment and recovery services are in place and barriers to success are removed.

The Rapid Intervention Prenatal Project, or RIPP, is a demonstration direct service program that supports moms in medication assisted treatment for chronic pain management or opioid dependence who are pregnant or parenting young children (ages 0-3). RIPP accepts referrals from treatment providers, community partners, and self-referrals.

Vermont, like the rest of the nation, has been deeply affected by substance abuse – both prescribed medications for chronic pain management and those not prescribed. RIPP is a prevention and early intervention strategy designed to help strengthen families before, during, and after the birth of a child.

RIPP Team: Our multi-disciplinary partnership team of three entities addressing unmet needs through legal education and social service coordination:

  • The Vermont Parent Representation Center (VPRC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit formed to ensure that children who can live safely at home with their parents are afforded a real opportunity to do so.
  • KIN-KAN Vermont is a peer run kinship coalition providing information, navigation, advocacy supports and services for families providing the 24/7 care of a related child.
  • The VT FACES Network is a family run organization created to provide support and an advocacy voice for Vermont families impacted by substance use, abuse and addiction.

Information is Power: The RIPP team will meet with moms and their partners and families to provide information so that they can better plan for their unborn and young children. As an example, the Department for Children and Families Policy 51 states that in order to protect children it can become involved 30 days prior to the birth of a child if there has been:

  • Prior involvement with DCF, or
  • Use of non-prescribed substances (including marijuana) during the last trimester of pregnancy.

RIPP will explain how this policy may be involved in the family and the role of child protection.