VPRC improves outcomes for Vermont’s most vulnerable families.

VPRC uses Results-Based Accountability (RBA) to improve our service delivery, to gauge our system advocacy efforts, and to measure our client outcomes. We engage our clients, our colleagues, and our community to learn what works best, and we are always striving to improve our performance. RBA helps us make sure that we are more than just talk – our goal is to take action and to determine whether our program model works and gets results.

 We contribute to the overall Outcome, or Condition of Well Being, that all Vermont Children are Safe. The indicator used to measure this condition is the number of children in out of home care. Our direct service RIPP program contributes to this by reducing the number of infants or young children who are removed from their parents.

To insure we address the RBA “Talk to Action” thinking process we use the 7 RBA Performance Accountability Questions to report to ourselves and to our partners.

  1. Who are our customers?
  2. How can we measure if our customers are better off?
  3. How can we measure if we are delivering services well?
  4. How are we doing on the most important of these measures?
  5. Who are the partners that have a role to play in doing better?
  6. What works to do better, including no-cost and low cost ideas?
  7. What do we propose to do?