The Vermont Judiciary has developed information for parents involved in the Family Court Process.

A Guide for Parents in CHINS Cases can be downloaded here. CHINS means CHildren In Need of Care or Supervision. Being involved in a child abuse and neglect case can be very confusing and stressful for a family. Not knowing what to expect can make it even harder. This booklet will help you to understand what to expect from your lawyer and the court.

A Life Changing Visitor: When Children’s Services Knocks from Alison Greer on Vimeo.

A CHINS case has a very predictable pathway. Any parent involved in a CHINS should ask her attorney to go through each of the hearings, what happens and what they can do to be prepared for each one. A typical Juvenile Proceeding Flowchart can be downloaded here. For more information developed by the Family Court go to: