Minor Guardianship Information

Minor Guardianship in Vermont Slideshow Created - What Every Family Should Know About the Probate Court Process Vermont Parent Representation Center, Inc. and KIN-KAN Vermont have created a Minor Guardianship informational slideshow to educate Vermont families about the minor guardianship process.

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VPRC’s Family Intervention Team

VPRC has now provided legal advocacy and social work support services to families involved in our child welfare system for over one year. We have served 21 families with 47 children. VPRC’s program model includes our team members meeting with parents in their homes. All our families have found these visits very supportive and helpful for them to be able to meet their goals. Comments of parents, from their evaluations of VPRC’s services, include: “I trust them & trust is always very important.” “I am glad to have such a good support group for me ...

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