About Us

Vermont Parent Representation Center, Inc. (VPRC) is a not-for-profit law, social work, and  public  policy  organization. VPRC was founded by a group of child welfare parents and professionals who share decades of experience with the current child protection system.

Our mission is to ensure, through advocacy and support, that children who can live safely with their parents are afforded a real opportunity to do so.

Our goals are:

  • To reduce the number of children removed from their families into state and other out-of-home custody;
  • To shorten the length of stay in state and other out-of-home custody for children who have been removed; and
  • To reduce the number of children re-entering state and other out-of-home custody after being reunified with their families.

VPRC achieves these outcomes by:

  • Providing legal advocacy and family support services for parents at risk of having their children placed in state or other out-of-home custody;
  • Using a multi-disciplinary  approach to legal representation for parents involved in the child welfare system; and
  • Advocating for effective supports at the state and local policy level.